Dear former Rijnlanders,

Today we are closing the school year with all students. It’s a festive day! Or rather: a whole festive week! This Wednesday we bid a grand farewell to two colleagues who will now be enjoying their retirement: Tineke Broer and Cees van Damme. And yesterday we had a wonderful final party with all the exam students in the backyard, as we always do the day before the exam results are released.

Over the past few weeks, we were able to present havo or vwo diplomas to nearly 150 students. Currently, some students are still taking some re-exams in the exceptional 3rd period. They will know their results by next Thursday. All DP students have passed this year, which is a particularly fine achievement. Their graduation day will be at the beginning of the new school year.

No doubt you have already concluded that the 65th anniversary celebrations of our school have been skipped. In a school year overburdened with so much extra organisation due to corona measures – especially quarantaines of colleagues and students – we have decided to forget about that for now. Let me assure you that we will certainly make up for this when the school turns 70, which will be in the school year 2025-2026.

A happy summer to you all!

Erica van Langen,