1. Mr P.J. Couvée 1956-1957 (also principal of the Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar 1947-1962). Interim principal in the first year after the establishment of the school in Oegstgeest. Source: lustrum booklet 1981 page 4.
  2. Mr J.P. Naeff (Jan), 1957-1970
  3. Mr H. van Mierlo (Harry), 1970-1981

  4. Mr A.J.M. Vaessen (Ad), 1981-2002

  5. Mr M. Elkerbout (Marten), 2002-2006
  6. Mr J.D.H. Swieringa (John), 2006-2020

  7. Mrs G.W.M. van Langen (Erica), 2021-today

    The early years of the Lyceum are described very well in the Lustrum Booklet of 1981.