The venue is: Les Cerisiers – madhouse for the rich.
In the drawing room, Einstein, Newton and Möbius spend their days. They play chess, secretly drink whisky and are served a three-course meal each day (naturally on Meissener porcelain).
Three non-dangerous fools? Certainly not! Three nurses are killed…
Does that mean we have three killers or are all three of them non-accountable for their deeds?
Reputations are at stake!
The world must be saved!
Just who is out of their mind?
Are we all lost?

Freely adapted from die Physiker by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, the Rijnlands Lyceum plays ‘Möbius’.

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Cost per card: €8.00

Please note: this show is not suitable for children below 12 years of age. The play contains violence, murder, and psychic abuse.

Performance dates:
Saturday 18 February (20.00h)
Sunday 19 February (20.00h)
Monday 20 February (20.00h)
Tuesday 21 February (20.00h)
Wednesday 22 February (20.00h)


  • It is not possible to reserve a personalised seat.
  • Just as our school, the play is bilingual (Dutch and English).