A mother. A daughter. Three possible fathers.

Daughter Sophie is about to be married, while her mother is confronted with her colourful past on a beautiful Greek island by meeting three of her former lovers. Sophie, wanting to be ‘given away’ by her real father, tries to find out which of the three men it is.

The musical with the hits by ABBA.

About 80 students and many teachers have worked enthusiastically for months on this musical. Directed by Malte Huthoff, music is provided by Mark van der Laaken and Gerwin van der Werf. Set design is by Marja Selier. Ashley Zaat is in charge of choreography. Steffanie Doornhein and Wouter van Willigen are in charge of production. All graphic design is done by Eric van Leeuwen.

Students from both departments of our school, Dutch and International, are represented in the production. Therefore, like our school, the play is bilingual.

The premiere is on Saturday, February 15. The remaining performances will take place on Sunday, Feb. 16, Monday, Feb. 17, Wednesday, Feb. 19 & Thursday, Feb. 20. The curtains are raised at 8 p.m. in the RLO auditorium.