Activities after leaving the Rijnlands Lyceum in September 2008

Five months after saying farewell to the Rijnlands, my wife Ank said: “Peter, go to work one day a week, so you will also be busy doing other things”. An advertisement of the Koninklijke Beuk from Noordwijk called for a coach driver. After a week of training I started this job; unfortunately I had to stop after three months. Because I received a pension of up to 100%, the ABP did not allow me to earn any extra money until I turned 65. So after I turned 65, I started working at a publishing house one day a week. That is why I come to the Rijnlands once a week to deliver the Oegstgeest Courant.

As most Rijnlanders know, I am an aviation fanatic. In September of 2009 I went to the US for an aviation tour of three weeks. I am in possession of a photo archive and documentation of the Dutch military aviation, in particular the Naval Aviation Service. After my farewell I started writing my third book entitled “90 Years of Naval Aviation Service”. This book was released on May 10, 2010 at the De Kooy Maritime Air Camp in Den Helder. It is an aviation bestseller. On request I often contribute to, among other things, the provision of photos or documentation for books and/or DVDs, and promotional activities during aviation, maritime and reunion events.

In March of 2013, I was asked to participate in a six-part TV documentary about ‘100 years of military aviation’ in the Netherlands. This was broadcast by the National Geographic Channel. I have been an unpaid defence employee since 1985. Because of these activities, on 29 April 2011 I received the royal decoration ‘Member of the Order of Orange Nassau’. I am very proud of that. I made a three week trip to Australia and New Zealand in March and April 2013. Over there, I visited a number of museums, companies and air shows, as well as some of the large cities. I have always maintained good contacts with the former employees of the Rijnlands.

Due to the sudden death of our former colleague Rob Bouwman on January 14, 2013, I was allowed to take over Rob’s photocopying activities for six weeks at the request of the school board. I was allowed to show Dick van der Weijden the ropes in the last two weeks; he now takes over from Rob. The teachers’ response was: “Peter, you have never left here.” I have always felt completely at home at the Rijnlands. It’s just that the reason why I was called back was not a happy one; but life sometimes doesn’t turn out the way you expect… This ends the short report of my experiences after my farewell to the Rijnlands.

Peter Korbee, April 2013