Dear old colleagues

To measure is to know, I was once taught. We can “measure” quite well how many former colleagues end up on this former employee site. The results of the past, first Senioros year, Herman Vermeulen informs me, are encouraging in that sense; fortunately, the site fills an apparent need.

The 2013-2014 school year is now progressing steadily; the exam tensions are slowly but surely rising these days, and before we know it it will be summer holidays again. I sometimes wonder if time flies just as fast when you’re finally ready to enjoy your rest. Maybe someone can take a look at that?

Interest in the school is undiminished. Due to the impetuous growth of the past six school years, we have now really reached the limit of our possibilities. The school is full, and as much as it is against our will, it forces us to limit our intake. For the coming school year we have agreed on a maximum of 190 incoming first graders; we will definitely get that number. The good news is that we will achieve that without having to refuse interested parties. A kind of half-stop for students.

Collegiately, the 2012-2013 school year is written in inky black ink for the second consecutive time. After the loss of Annemiek in the summer of 2011, January of this year again suffered a major blow.
deal with the totally sudden death of Rob Bouwman. Many of you had witnessed the overwhelming sympathy he received after the presentation of his anniversary Rospaard at the Christmas lunch. Missing two fantastic colleagues in such a short time still hurts every day.

Despite everything, we experienced another great highlight this year with our annual production. The musical “Cabaret” was a particularly memorable success in 1994, but this production of “Chicago” directed by former student Malthe Huthof and musical direction by Ruth van der Putte was perhaps even more memorable. Fortunately, many former colleagues have also witnessed this. And for those who missed it
the cordial invitation to be part of the party next school year. If possible, we will of course continue that tradition.

John Swieringa,

April 2013